Thursday, 15 December 2016

Lightweight goodies

It was once again time for PRI.  I love the fact that when we go down to PRI we are talking to the engineers and owners of the company that are there are willing to answer every question that we have regarding there products and take feedback from the guys in the industry to help further there products along.

One of the big things this year was titanium. We were at the MetTec booth discussing with them about this slew cheap China bolts that we have been seeing on the market. We have ran into them a few times with heads snapping off at 22 ft.lbs on a M8 bolt!!! They told us the cause of this is cheap titanium and the process of treating them for color like burnt titanium will weaken the bolt causing premature failure.

At MetTec all there bolts are bare titanium with forged heads and rolled threads for better fatigue resistance. All there bolts are heat treated to a minimum UTS of 140Ksi.

We are working with there sales team to bring bolt kits for your import and domestic needs.

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