Wednesday, 20 December 2017

Testing the new VF20G from Turbo Parts Canada with great gains!!!

This is a stock VF48 that has been rebuilt and upgraded by Turbo Parts Canada with a 20G billet wheel, clipped exhaust wheel, ported exhaust inlet, and a custom cnc wastegate flapper. The tester car that we have used is a 2016 USDM STI running a Cobb Access Port V3 custom tuned by Neetronics.

Mod list:

-2016 USDM STI
-Tomei EQ headers with matching upipe
-Invidia catted down pipe
-Invidia Q300 catback
-ID1000cc injectors
-DW65C Fuel pump
-Omni Power 4 bar map sensor
-Neetronics 3 port EBCS
-Neetronics fuel pressure regulator kit with vacuum source relocation
-ETS top mount intercooler
-IAG TGV deletes
-TurboSmart IWG75 (15psi spring)
-Perrin turbo inlet

The red graph is stock VF48 stage 2 and blue graph is the new VF20G both custom tuned by us. The only thing added is ETS TMIC, VF20G,  and a TurboSmart IWG75 with a 15 psi spring. Both these runs are on 94 octane. As you can see it spools is almost the same but with huge gains everywhere

Here are a few comparison pictures of the VF20G vs VF48

Clipped exhaust wheel

Billet wheel installed

Ported exhaust inlet

Custom CNC IWG flapper

The next thing we have to try is switching it over to a front mount intercooler to keep the IAT down under high RPM. To make even more horse power!!!

Want a VF20G of your own? Check it out at Turbo Parts Canada

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