Thursday, 15 December 2016

Neetronics 08 to 16 STI FPR Kit.

We are proud to announce the release of the Neetronics FPR retro fit kit. These kits are design to remedy the 2300 to 2800 RPM shudder that affects the 08 and up STI. This kit is meant for direct install with little to no modification. All fittings are OEM or better. This kit uses a genuine Subaru OEM STI fuel pressure regulator.  All lines are high pressure fuel safe lines also rated for E85 with burst pressures of 900PSI!!

After hour of test and datalogging we have also also relocated the vacuum source location from cylinder 4 to under the manifold where the stock diverter valve gets to source from. To make sure your FPR reference is not affected by leaking aftermarket diverter or blow off valves we supply zinc plated metal reducers to adapted the supplied vacuum lines the the rightful ports so you are not sharing vacuum reference ports and losing fuel pressure under heavy load.   


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